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Vet Biochem Pvt Ltd

Vetbiochem Group was established with the sole intention of providing the best in Animal Care to all the categories of Animals all over the world. Vetbiochem Group has operations in many countries with its head-quarters based in Moscow, Russia. Vetbiochem (India) was established in 2007 in Pune, India which caters to the Veterinary demand of International clients by manufacturing products in India using Russian Technology.
From the very beginning of our establishment, we set priority to professionalism and continuous technological development, aiming to be continuously prepared to meet the needs and changes of the Animal Health Markets all over the world. Major segment of growth has been feed supplement, premix and disinfectant who shares 34% of their Compound Annual growth. Customers who had begun working with us since the beginning are esteemed customers for Vetbiochem and still bond with us. 

We mainly want inquiries from Korea, Africa, Vietnam and Indonesia


Our Vision

Our highest goals what inspire stimulate and lead our business. To be one of the best International Groups in the veterinary sector in our various operating segments recognized for our products’ quality and results. Aiming growth, credibility and corporate responsibility, bringing satisfaction and pride to our customers and share-holders.


Our Mission

It gives us the way, through actions and strategies, to achieve the objectives of our vision. Our mission is the continuous technological evolution, developing distinctive products and services that promote animal health, well being and productivity, bringing satisfaction, wealth and opportunities for our customers and partners.


Product Portfolio

Manufacture Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Infective, Anti- Protozoa, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Coccidian, Ecto-Parasidal, Disinfectants, Enzymes, Feed Additives, Toxin Binders, Herbal products (Without any chemical content), Vitamin Oral Solutions, Vitamins Premixes, Hepatoprotectors (Liver Tonics), Anti-Mastitis products, Growth Promoters. We can also offer customized products tailor-made to Customer’s…