Terms & Conditions

Before agreeing, it is necessary to read following terms and conditions carefully. If you are agree we can move forward with our agreement.

Website - Only a Platform

This website is only a platform for trade between buyers and seller. We do not take any responsibility of the contract for sale negotiated between the two parties, only those individuals who, according to Indian law are eligible to use the website can becomea member. All the services provided on website are for members only. The agreement is applicable to all registered and paid users, including legal authority entitled by the company.

Changes in User(s) Agreement

MeddyMart has all the right to change the terms and conditions as and when required. Users are required to keep themselves up to date with the conditions and continuous use of the website means you are agreeing to the new conditions as well.

Intellectual Property Rights

All the rights related to the website or with the sole owner. Websites include everything from design, sound, videos and content. All rights which are not claimed are otherwise reserved. We do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided on the website by the user.


MeddyMart has the copyright to all the contents except third party. Besides, we are not expert on intellectual property rights and we can’t take any responsibility forthe leads and information posted on the website.MeddyMart respects the intellectual rights of all and wants others to do so. It is not allowed to copy, download and reproduce our content on any other site.Use of content for any other purpose may call for legal action by the company. All the URL’s/ Sub-Domain are the sole property of MeddyMart and are not permanent in nature and we have all the right to stop services to the user without prior notice.

Links to Third Party Sites

MeddyMart offers links and hyperlinks to the website of the third party. All the contents and other information provided are the sole responsibility of the owner. It is suggested to read all the terms and conditions with caution before using such sites. MeddyMart takes no responsibility of the contents and services provided by such third party.


MeddyMart has all the right to terminate access website to both registered and paid users with or without any notice for the interest of the company. Besides, we can also change the conditions without any notice.

Termination can Occur due to Following Reasons

  • Misbehave of any kind by the user
  • Violation of terms and conditions
  • Giving wrong and misleading information
  • Misusing other companies name
  • Sending spam messages in the name of the company
  • Using login ID and password of any other member

Registered User(s)

In order to become registered user it is necessary to undergo online registration. Once the registration is done, the user will be provided with password and login ID to access the account. One can also register as a business entity. It is necessary to ensure that all the information provided is accurate, current and completeAll the information given is protected under our privacy policy. In addition, user can also put some content of their own in order to promote their website. Contents provided on the site should be original and is the sole responsibility of the third party.

For any other important information which user feel is important to know can free to contact MeddyMart any time. We try our best to give best services to other revered clients not only in India but around the world.

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