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Reasons for amazon to eBay arbitrage online

Business - Maddy - February 18, 2018

eBay arbitrage online

Are you the one who recently made a purchase on eBay but received package from the Amazon with receipt gift inside the pack? Might be you have also come across the DS domination or on other site like it, promising for teaching as how one can run automated ecommerce business? if you have dug deeper and might have found the tools for re-pricing the eBay listings when the prices changed on Amazon or even for the automatic purchase items from the Amazon. In case, you have encountered any of them, you have dipped toe in the murky world of the amazon to eBay arbitrage.

automated ecommerce business

It is completely dominated by the get rich and quick schemes. Beneath all of it, there is also one interesting phenomenon which comes with the innovative technology and the genuine business in the operation. One of the reputed British scientist named as Ben Hovell developed the arbitrage selling on the eBay in the year 2008. He purchased item on the eBay and it arrived in a box from the Amazon. He also found that the particular item was cheaper on the Amazon than on the eBay. What happened in actual? Well, it is explained as,

  • He made a purchase of the item on eBay
  • eBay seller bought the same item from the Amazon and then entered the address of Ben’s for the delivery
  • amazon shipped that particular item
  • eBay seller kept that difference amount

In the amazon to eBay arbitrage, it is very much important to understand that this is not fulfilled by the Amazon and seller did not even purchase the same item in advance. They major key is that item is purchased from the Amazon once sale is made on the eBay. Amazon is the one which is being used effectively as drop shipper. On understanding all these basics, Ben decided for getting into business of arbitrage selling on his own. Amazon makes million number of price changes regularly that creates major challenge for the arbitrage sellers. Checking prices on Amazon every day and changing prices is also a huge task.

Similarly, you must know that amazon to eBay arbitrage means purchasing of product at low prices and selling the same for higher prices. It includes the purchase of product from one retailer online to selling the same item on other platform online at small profit. It is also called as drop shipping.

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