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Essence of snap chat

Social Media - Maddy - January 14, 2018

Now a day’s messaging, video calling are quite popular in the current hectic schedules. People are engaging in this arena even though they are not aware of these apps in order to maintain healthy relations predominantly. But this kind of approach like callings, messaging‘s are also bringing out an utmost unhealthy impact in all of our lives is one of the drawback of this over addiction is a secondary thing.  Apart of it, people are addicted and using social media as when required due to the presence of their busy schedules. Coming under this category only, snap chats came into existence as a form of popular app’s where present youth are most fascinated too.

It is an app where people have a flexibility of sending and receiving photos, videos, any messages etc in a fraction of seconds and within those fraction of seconds only ,those sending and receiving messages will be self destructed instantly without your granted permission’s. Due to this secured means of possibility, people especially girls are fascinated to this app as they can take selfie, send their pictures ,videos and all to their beloved one’s due to the knowing fact of its self destruction option. You can also save your snap chat friends & pals name list in your smart phone using snap chat stories option where you can keep your memories or friends list.

This app can be worked out on in all smart phones or androids without any issue. It is much more popular app among smart teens, adults, bloggers and especially celebrities like actor and actress etc as they can also get time to maintain relations by using this app and also you find some time to share your memories in customizing your pictures, videos by sending to your snapchat friends & pals name list simultaneously.

Presently people are using this app in a range of 150 million people per day and acquire much more popularity rather than face book and twitter. This app functions the same like twitter, face book and Instagram too. You can also check if some of your friends deleted you or someone who added you or in case where you are following someone’s profile can be clearly visible for you from the app.

How to install this app in our mobile phone or android:

You can simply download it on Google play store. Create an account simply by opening the app and signing up with the essential details like your birthday, email id and create your own password accordingly. Depending upon your contacts, your friends list is created.

Advantages of using this app:

  • The major advantage of this app is taking pictures, videos and sends them to their beloved ones as their memorable one and eventually it can be erased away within a few seconds approximately for 10 seconds after sharing instantly.
  • You have an option of copying messages in this app from many social media websites like face book, what’s app, twitter etc to store your chat history in this snap chat story app which was recently a new release.

Disadvantage of this app:

There is a drawback is there is an existence of spy hack app’s to hack the personal details of snap chat users where mostly these hack users are fascinated to get all your credentials and blackmail you for their fun and entertainment perspective or may be for robbery perspective too. So be careful if someone those who add you in their friends list, better to delete them those who you are not aware off and this app will intimate you by bringing a notification from the snap score view.


This app is an instant messaging app where you can message, send pictures, videos and all to your beloved ones in your contact list as you can add your friends and someone can add you also. It is allowed to send and receive messages and can be erased away within a few seconds of time periods only. It’s a friendly app where its popularity is hike in teens and young adults most probably.

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