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Viral Posts, From Spectrum to Spectrum

Lifestyle - Maddy - December 20, 2017

What are viral posts? These are the posts that have gotten a lot of views and shares. These viral posts come in different formats, from pictures, to videos and even written articles. Also, there’s really no specific niche when it comes to going viral. Sometimes it depends on the trend, sometimes it doesn’t. Topics can range from pop culture to pictures of cats and dogs and even strange wedding cultures; all of which don’t really have something in common, except for the fact that people love them.

What does it take to become viral? Nobody really knows the answer for sure. There are a lot of factors to consider so it can be hard to determine. There’s no clear guide on how to ensure that a post goes viral. It just does. One thing’s for sure, these viral posts can really be addicting to watch. You can literally spend all day scrolling through a lot of viral posts from Krazy Wolf and still not get tired of doing so.

Why are these posts so addicting to watch/read?

It’s probably because they jog your imagination. Some viral posts can be entertaining yet insightful as well. Some are just for plain comedic fun and some are serious. These posts can be addicting since they’re not monotonous. No two posts are the same.

It speaks to everyone

There are posts that become viral since it speaks to people on a more emotional level. These posts can be inspirational, happy or tragic. It can incite certain feelings and emotions just by reading or watching them. Sometimes it’s as if the people watching the posts can relate to what’s happening. They empathize with the content of the post. It’s more or less what compels them to share the post. Other people then see the shared post and become curious, feel the same emotion and share it. Sharing posts can create some sort of ripple effect until the post becomes viral.

It’s amazing to see what people can do 

Some viral posts are video or video compilations about people doing amazing things. People get hooked on watching these kinds of videos since it is really mesmerizing and inspiring at the same time to watch normal people push their boundaries or people trying and doing the impossible.

Quite the opposite of amazing but still fun to watch

On the other end of the spectrum, there are your fail compilations. These videos are a compilation of failed attempts of greatness and popularity. From people trying to mimic stunts, to failed attempts at band gigs and everything in between, these videos will surely keep you entertained.

There’s no denying that viral posts are viral for a reason. Love them or hate them, these posts are here to stay and more are yet to come. Feel, enjoy, learn, and laugh at these viral posts, all available at Krazy Wolf.

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