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Borrowers and Lenders in a Peer-to-peer Investment

Finance - Maddy - April 23, 2019

Peer-to-peer investment

Investments seem pretty simple: one buys shares from a company so the company can use that money to expand their company, increase their income and, hopefully, make more profit. Peer-to-peer investment is not as simple as that. It requires commitment from both sides. Iuvo P2P Inve4stment is one of the companies that offer this kind of investment. You can read honest reviews of Iuvo P2P investment here. But first, we like to tell you something about what peer-to-peer investment is and how it differs from regular investments.

What is Peer-to-peer Investment?

Peer-to-peer investment is an investment that is done via notes. These notes are issued by borrowers. Peer-to-peer investment is also called debt financing because the borrower has a dept that has to be paid back to the money lender. The notes dealt with in peer-to-peer investment are, in fact, a kind of loan requested by the borrowers. It differs from peer-to-peer lending because peer-to-peer lending focuses on the other side, the side of the borrower of the money. The notes that are nought by the investors can be sold as a security. That also means that investors can choose to exit the investment even before the borrower has been able to repay the debt.

Who is the Borrower in Peer-to-peer Investment?

In the case of peer-to-peer investment, the borrower is the person or company that has issued the note. Vis this note, they request a loan that can be used for any kind of aspect of the company. Maybe they want to expand their company and buy more supplies or hire more people. It’s also possible that they want to open up a new department or hire a larger warehouse to improve their profit.

Peer-to-peer investment

How Does Peer-to-peer Investment Work?

Often, there is no previous connection between the two sides: lender and borrower. Peer-to-peer lending works through intermediation from a peer-to-peer lending company. This company works as an in-between company between the money lender and the money borrower. Still, buyers of a note are able to decide what kind of company you buy a note from. Therefore, you can decide which company you as a buyer invest in. So you don’t have to fear that your investment will go to a company that you don’t want to support for some reason or another. The reason for not wanting to support a company might be a financial or moral one.


The investments made via peer-to-peer investment have the same kind of risks as any other investment. There is a chance that you won’t get back the money that you paid for your note. The financial intermediary might not be trustworthy and, therefore, you should investigate the financial intermediary that you want to use to buy a note from.

So you can work with peer-to-peer investments both as a money lender and a money borrower. As a lender, you lend money via a note to a company that you feel comfortable with. As a borrower, you issue a note and hope for someone to invest in your company.

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Lead in the foreign exchanging business to maximize your benefits

Finance - Maddy - August 19, 2018

forex trading software

The success of the trading business depends on the tool-box used in the software used. They should provide all the necessary tools with an advanced feature in order to in the current status of the market. By knowing the current status of the foreign exchange trading the people can invest in a right way to increase their profit. The forex trading software comparison will help the trader to predict the real-time business strategy to be followed. The foreign exchange trading software is used in different ways such as social trading platforms, trading software, news aggregator and automated foreign exchange trading software.

Comparison of different foreign exchange software in trading market:

forex trading software

The software used in the foreign exchange platforms can be categorized according to their platforms used. Trading platforms are the programs used to modify, open and close the trades with the help of the advanced tools in the first place. The social trading platform helps to add a social dimension by following the other traders. They help to follow the other traders in the trading market and allow them to chat with other traders to gain some idea regarding the trading market. The automated trading programs will help the traders to trade independently without the supervision of the human. The pre-planned programs are dumped inside the program to analyze the trading market. The input is not needed from the human side and the software will manage the positions.

Trading platform to import the foreign exchange trading software:

Trading platforms are most important to import the foreign exchange software. The platform should be thoroughly analyzed in the market to make a trading decision. Hence the platform should be reliable and user-friendly. The meta-traders are the most popular platform among several trading platforms. This platform is interfaced with an advanced charting tool to lead in the business market. Without more experience, this platform will enhance the trading market with the software used. This platform is provided with market simulation and back-testing capabilities. It is provided with the vast online community which helps the traders to participate in the online forums for gaining help in the trading platform. This is the improved strategy that helps the trader to update with the current trading business.

Hence the forex trading software will help the traders to maximize their profit in the leading foreign exchange trading.

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Guidelines In Selling Bitcoins: Checking Profile And Direct Trades

Finance - Maddy - July 2, 2018

Guidelines In Selling Bitcoins

Selling bitcoins is helpful as this can use to pull back bitcoins. Yet there is danger in sending money to anyone else. Checked sellers show up in the best possible records. This way, you can sell bitcoin securely. This will likewise help you pull back the assets. But there is the alternative to see offers by non-confirmed merchants also.

A few locals will expect you to give picture ID. This is for confirmation and to check before purchasing or offering on them. To stay away from any postponements, ensure you set up your business account. Doing this well ahead of time is essential when you intend to make the exchange. This can be dangerous so here are a few hints to remain safe.

Selling bitcoins

  1. Never discharge bitcoins from escrow until you are pretty sure you have the funds. If they demand you to discharge first, then they are much endeavoring to trick you. You should debate and report them immediately.
  1. Try not to think about discharging bitcoins except if you are sure you have all the assets. Many use VPN’s to give the impression they are from the USA or Europe. Where even a $100 exchange can be very huge so they will invest the energy. Remain solid and report them and question.
  1. Be careful with risky Payment Methods. Regardless of whether you have gotten the assets, many installment strategies can be reversed. This can charge back so you will lose your assets and your bitcoin. Furthermore, if you are utilizing a dangerous installment technique like PayPal. They may likewise close down your record. Just trade with trusted clients or verified merchants.

Client Reputation (Poor/Unsafe):

The customer profile is fundamental in picking a secured buyer to pitch to. You can ensure that the trade will experience without any issues. You can also choose the site that operates longer. This way, you can somehow have some reviews from the other user.

The period is essential in which the purchaser can play out the exchange shifts from each user. In a perfect world, you would need somebody that can do this decently fast. With the goal that you don’t need to sit tight for them to convey and finish the procedure.

It is additionally essential to recollect that Bitcoin’s esteem. This can vacillate by a large amount over brief time frames. In which can prompt you offering for far short of what you expected, or cause huge exchange costs. Postponements in a trade can imply that installment sets aside a long opportunity to come through as well. Abstaining from offering in the meantime as every other person is your most logical option. This helps you to maintain a strategic distance from the majority of these issues.

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What you should know about Bitcoin Cloud Mining: Definition, Is it profitable?

Finance - Maddy - March 16, 2018

Bitcoin cloud mining requires some knowledge, for the assembly and configuration of the equipment. Now, what if someone rented us his stuff to put it under mine? Something very similar offers to mine in the cloud.

Definition of Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Mining in the Cloud is one of the many ways in which you can have access to Bitcoins. Many people prefer to do this process even they do not have the slightest chance of obtaining the cryptocurrencies. The thing is that you do not need big appliances, but a machine or companies that use essential tools. So, to start you just need the contract that offers and a wallet to save what it generates.

Is it Profitable?

Why, then, do they use that power to rent and not to mine directly? This question is straightforward to answer: if you rent your equipment instead of using it yourself, it does not matter if the cryptocurrency goes up, down, as if the profit goes up or down.

Types of Bitcoin Cloud Mining

·         Hosted: Although there is not a very common sea, it is a system in which a company takes charge of the miners of the clients. In general, the bitcoin cloud mining company is responsible for the maintenance and supply of electricity to the miner. Being a company, you can get special electricity rates and sometimes it can be more profitable than doing the process at home.

·         Purchase of Hashing Power: it is the most common method for many companies that dedicate their work to the sale of Hash Rate. When it is about this case, you don’t have the miner or know it, because the only thing you have is to subcontract with a specific company of Hash.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Advantages

  • It does not require having physical equipment at home.
  • There is no electricity consumption because the company charges us for the power contract.
  • The expenses are more predictable and, therefore, can allow more planning.
  • There is no need to worry about updating the equipment, so you contract a specific power, the company arrives, and we enter the benefits in the money bitcoin that we have indicated.
  • It does not require significant technical knowledge because it is not necessary to configure or optimize the miner.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Disadvantages of Cloud Mining

  • In cloud mining, there have been quite a few frauds. Therefore, it is essential to select a company with a long history and to inspire confidence. It is advisable to distrust any company that offers excellent bargains.
  • For people with knowledge, it is boring, because it does not pretend any challenge. Only benefits are contracted, paid and recovered.
  • The lack of control by the user, because in many cases the company is responsible for many processes.
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